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Apple Watch

Category : All, Blog, Geek, Photography Apr 12th, 2015

apple-watch-stand-620The Apple Watch display locked within the drawer.

apple-watch-editions-620The baller Watch Edition ranging between from $14,000 – $24,000.

apple-watch-gold-620The Watch Edition.

apple-watch-display-620A portable watch display unit.

apple-watch-black-620Thought I’ll put down the traditional watch and give the beautiful all black display smartwatch a go.

apple-watch-face-620One of the many watch faces.

apple-watch-activity-620Beautiful activity tracker interface! Reminds me of the Nike app though.

apple-watch-achievement-620Achievements and celebrations.

apple-watch-side-620Has some thickness to it.

apple-watch-back-620Back of the watch featuring the heart rate sensor that does all the activity tracking.

Apple posted top 10 reason apps get rejected

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How we’ve paid for music from 1983 to today

Category : All, Geek Aug 25th, 2014

The way we consume music changes every single year and the gif image created by Digital Music News  really put things into perspective.


Yosemite on my Mac Pro

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