King Tan

Mamak restaurant @ KK

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IMG_0073The famous Sri Latah curry house!

IMG_9759Just a few selections of their food.

IMG_9760Roti telor – Roti with egg

IMG_0072This mess is called Tose.

IMG_9758Mamak guy working it.

IMG_9756The moneyshot! Just look at the curries, roti, prawns and side dishes.

IMG_0071The mess we left behind.

Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner

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IMG_9864My childhood fish dish! Must have dish when visiting Malaysia!

IMG_9865This dish was so so…

IMG_9866Yummy glutenous rice.

IMG_9867Abalone and sea urchins.

IMG_9868Pork knuckles chinese style.

IMG_9869Shark-fins are banned so this is the alternative for it.

IMG_9863The pillars of our lives.

IMG_9858Another set of pillars of our lives.

IMG_9861My beloved cousins and nieces.

IMG_9859My table.

A small section of the Tan family.

Bread and Circus

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This is what an organic cafe looks like.

Serving only the best coffee.

Beautiful, tasty and healthy food.

The gang


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